Monday, 8 December 2008


After a brisk and invigorating arctic tennis lesson with the lovely self-contented and incredibly boyish M. this morning Missmarketcrash started reading the Frankly-Disasterous news.  Hedge Funds?  Scissors please.  Unless you are in the industry you have probably never noticed just how ridiculous Hedge Funders look.  Missmarketcrash thinks a trim of all that silly long hair is in order to match the horrific returns on offer.  No wonder they have mistresses.  No self-respecting wife would ever ever ever get excited by that look.

Looking elsewhere for excitement, Missmarketcrash found herself wandering around her own head which is generally full of better visions.  And then she appeared.  The double of Missmarketcrash, her spitting image came waltzing through, a barely apparent swagger, those slightly opened lips, the same skeptical tilt to her left eyebrow - everything looked the same.  But ah, she was slightly different inside.  The dark laughter had been swept away.  Minor characters had been renamed with evocative names like Ada and Swin.  She was filled with the purest glee and had no knowledge of anything horrid.  She was the Good one.  She dismissed the news of two French and one German bank on the brink of major CDS disaster as pure scare-mongering.  She thought it was funny that a risk analysis company had a little game online where one could hypothetically merge banks and look at the outcome.  She delighted in the idea yesterday's meteoric stock market rise might mean something good.  

Then, like a bubble popping, she disappeared.  

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