Thursday, 11 December 2008

Pirates of the Caribbean...

I caught up with my good friend X. the other day during the birthday marathons and had a bit of wine and conversation about the Situation-at-Hand.  Her parents are (were?) developers of a residential hotel project in the Caribbean that has just ummm....well, it is built and open.  With not a lot of cash flow on hand, they have quickly changed sails -- they have decided to become Pirates.  I kid you not.  They have just bought a barge and a crane and are for hire.

That will be handy to relieve the ships of all the goods that cannot be delivered for lack of letters of credit being issued.  Pirates will be needed.  Can someone go retrain those Somali Pirates to be a bit more useful?

Woolworths really is the perfect store model to deal with all these unwanted things.  Why don't the Somali Pirates take some of their booty and save Woolies?  It would give them a place to sell all those nice things stuck at sea that they have rescued....

Hollywood clearly needs me.

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