Saturday, 27 December 2008

The End of The Year...

The end of the year...Missmarketcrash cannot bear to follow the norm and present her dear readers with an examination the past year and the expected predicting of what will be in the incoming. The looking back bit is usually filled with a cozy nostalgia, a bit of human tragedy, a joke or two, and someone or something commercially successful (which would almost always only be appealing to someone who was either in love with mediocrity, or, had a camp sense of the world). In other words, a lot of mundane obviousness would greet your eyes. The looking forward part is usually not rocket science - merely a confirmation of trends already established. Another thing Missmarketcrash knows you would love to read, but, it really would not offer What We Are All Looking For. I presume tomorrow's media will look backward with a heady mixture of fear and optimism, but, the looking forward bit will prove a bit more difficult.

The End Of The Year sounds much more ominous that it did in the past. I think we all know that things that have been occuring this year are scheduled to carry on and perhaps frighten us a bit more in the New Year. So, all the looking forward usually done on New Year as a new dawn/new beginning seems to be cancelled this year.

(...long are now inside your head rather than mine...)

Apologies for offering nothing more than a bit of silence - though silence is one of those things that can be very very positive and refreshing...even innovative.

Especially after spending a week with the in-laws.

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