Saturday, 13 December 2008

Uberwirtschaft revisited...

Uberwirtschaft is a pleasing word to slide off the tongue.  It reminds Missmarketcrash of some kind of hard treat with whipped cream all over it sold in an old fashioned seaside sweet shop.  Filled with pleasure and nostalgia and some kind of timeless packaging Uberwirtschaft has mouthwatering appeal.  It is also a useful word in that its meaning can be determined by its use in a kind of Wittgensteinian fashion.  

In relation to the Car TARP Thing Uberwirtschaft can reflect many things.  Reflecting on an American way of understanding the word, Bush can be said to be trying to be Mr. Uberwirtschaft - some kind of Economics Superhero swooping down in his cape to scoop up the cars and save the day.  A second way of looking at Uberwirtschaft in relation to the Car Thing is with the idea that these measures can solve things imply the measures themselves are Uberwirtschaft.  

Now...we know neither to be the case, so, Missmarketcrash is now going out to finish her Christmas Shopping.

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