Sunday, 21 December 2008

Here in Glasgow...

"Complex, tightly wound and generally impressive" began the review of a champagne in the FT this weekend. I ought to know better than to try to read or write whilst sitting under the daughter-in-law spotlight. I am certain that the above description of drink would be how my mother-in-law would describe me. I've been on a cornocopia of champagne since arrival as really, my mother-in-law would really like me to fall down drunk and proclaim the answer to her most curious question - "just how much have you lost Missmarketcrash?"

Glasgow is not the place to feel sorry for yourself financially. The grit and hardship hits you in the face upon arrival and hovers around like an awkward family member. I think it is one of the bleakest places in the universe sometimes.

Some of the more notable economists are focusing a lot of analysis of this financial crisis, and past ones, on psychology. Consumer sentiment does have a card to play in a consumer-driven economy. Glasgow reflects that contribution in a nutshell, with vast tracts of bombed out housing estates dressed up in christmas bling, flashing away, with hope, and, fear.

Hope, fear, hope, fear, blinking on and off.

Can someone let the lighting designer in charge of the current crisis know that a bit more sparkle might go a long way?

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