Friday, 12 June 2009

All about me and you...

Whilst reading this post on the Psychology of Economic Forecasting by Edward Harrison I was diverted by a link to take the Myers-Briggs typology test.  Of course, I sat there and analyzed the questions and deconstructed the wording and choice of adjectives.  I was not sure the results would be completely accurate given my interior conversation concerning the methodology.  But, the test seems to account for that.  So what is Missmarketcrash according to the Jungians?  I am a INTJ.  Very strong on the intuition and thinking.  And moderately introverted.  The J is for Judgmental and I was mid-scale on that.  After the test, there are a few articles that elaborate on your type and famous people like you.  I hate that kind of thing.  But that is probably why I matched up with Hannibal Lecter.  A reclusive mastermind was the more polite terminology on offer.  Lest you all run away, I am also supposedly the same type as Newton, Bohr, and my favorite, Ada Lovelace.  Appropriate for a digressing blogger, de Montaigne was also a match for me.  The test recommended career choices.  Missmc is best suited  to being a natural scientist, an IT person, a lawyer, or, a librarian.  

Now.  I am still a bit confused by the opposites laid out by the test.  Judging vs Perceiving.  Thinking vs Feeling.  Sensing vs Intuition.  Introversion vs Extraversion.  I am sure there are plenty of scholarly papers picking apart the same thing, and, perhaps recommending modifications.  For instance - is the concept of opposites the best way to examine personality traits?  And are these opposites true opposites?  

It is certainly entertaining nonetheless.  Try it here.

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