Sunday, 14 June 2009

My other hat is back on

The art world rose to heady levels in the 00's.  This period of ex-uber-ance was fantastic for investors who played the market through the auctions.  For the humble collector, it was less of a bonus as prices for good contemporary art rose and the market was flooded with lesser goods.

During the beginning of the rise, Missmc was exhibiting video works in exhibitions around the world.  During the peak, Missmc was home, with the duties of motherhood taking precedence and shows were canceled, galleries were resigned from and the wearing of several hats was just too hard.  

Life after motherhood will continue with the good help of Mark Rowland, of Rowland Contemporary.  Missmc has a new gallery and one of the most decent dealers in the art world looking after her work.  

Curious?  Visit and look under artists at "Susan Black".  There, you will find abstract landscapes that sometimes contain a glimmer of the charts and graphs that had taken over her interests.  The painting entitled "The Silver Lining" was done in the dark market  days of October.  You will perhaps see more.

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