Friday, 26 June 2009

Herd behavior and Nostalgia...

Do I have to write about that? Is there anyone else in the world that can flash you back to certain moments in your life so efficiently? Not for my generation. I never owned any of his music, or, was a big fan, but I can most vividly recall a substantial amount of my life through each and every song. He was everywhere.

A certain exuberance would hit a party when a Michael song came on. It usually was a kitschy moment, where everyone would shed inhibitions, don exhibitions, and, be happy. There was a certain free innocence about those Michael Moments. As I was a bit of an uptight child I found these free outbursts more as things to study rather than to participate in. But the analytic did not last long -- within a few bars I would be drawn in. Out I went on the dance floor within seconds. Every time. But I never went so far as to attempt a moonwalk. No no no.

I'm off to a party tonight, and, I can already see where the party will be going...

It is good timing for some worldwide exuberance. I'd even venture to say the market will rocket today. Herd behavior and 80's nostalgia is a heady combination.

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