Wednesday, 24 June 2009

Val on a tangent

Missmc had a lengthy conversation with her financial-advisor-who-sounds-just-like-Jack-Nicholson last night.  The easiest way to sum it up is to bring in a bit of fiction...

There were a few cars on the road, causing everything to happen.  Val saw she was in the same place still while others were moving.  Slightly this way and that.  The man next to her was on the phone.   A believer.  Val took a deep breath.  She could hear him through the window.  "Don't miss out.  It's on the fence.  It has to go somewhere.  Sentiment is...." He veered to the left and disappeared.

She looked down.  Beside her it lay in open disarray.  Inside, an uncharged phone, a few letters, and money scattered, floating about listlessly.  She reached inside for a tissue, and pulled over.  It was a clear day and she knew where she was going.  But she wondered why they were always so hard to see through.  Sunglasses back on, she flicked off the radio and sped back in there.  She kept glancing to see if he was with her or not.  But they were on different roads.

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