Tuesday, 30 June 2009

a seriously good sign of no green shoots...

My clever Management Consultant friend has been pining for some time off.  Thus far, at her firm, there has been a lot of redundancies, but, no clever deals offered.  But one has just been put on the table.  20% pay for 6, 8, 10 or 12months off, beginning in September.  She is pleased but unsure as she has a large mortgage.  I can tell it is a pleasure for her to ponder the options.  The story is good from her side, but, less good as far as the economy goes. The firm is a worldwide leading management consulting megalith - they likely have a finger on the pulse better than most firms due to the nature of their business.  An offer such as this suggests the firm does not anticipate any green shoots what-so-ever for a while.  

Clever friend from the North had also purchased tickets to the Michael Jackson concert.  The company is offering either a refund, or, two souvenir tickets.  She is leaning refund.  I suggested she hedge, refunding one, and ebay-ing the other.

A survey is in order.  Anyone venture a guess as to what a ticket might fetch? 

The clever way forward would be to put it up on ebay before deciding...

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