Tuesday, 7 April 2009

Bank of America - annual report

The Bank of America annual report was sprawled on the doormat this morning.  It was a dead mouse scenario.  Should I pick it up?  Look at the thing?  Save it somehow?  Or ought it go straight to the bin?

It quivered in the breeze.  I gingerly picked it up and brought it into the back garden.  I stared at it.  It stared back.  I left it in the shade and walked away.  

But curiosity won, and, my feline tendencies decided to go play with it.  Exhaustion, tedium, blindness, near-death by reading complex accounting,  but curiosity did not kill the cat.

The cover is simple simple simple, like a generic grocery product.  The Bank of America logo, which resembles an American flag as farmer's fields on a global curve has been chopped.  One quadrant of said logo emerges from the left spine and looks much like the sharp beak of a bird of prey, perhaps an American Bald Eagle.  The rest of said bird is left to your imagination, residing somewhere in the air, off the spine.  The beak looks as if it is about to swallow the words "Bank of America".  If they skewed the text a bit, it could definitely look like a dangling worm. Is this bird beak thing a reference to the infamous "Government Stake"?   Is the graphic designer really that clever and twisted, or, has Missmarketcrash injected too much of her own reading of the design?  I shall have to ask Ken.

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