Monday, 27 April 2009


Zeitgeist is a marvelous word.  The German language is like a box of legos, with similar shapes and size relations in different colours that can be connected.  And then these constructions shift subtly in context.  It is a wordsmiths playground.  

Volksgeist (spirit of a culture) vs zeitgeist (spirit of the times) vs weltgeist (spirit of the world) - all very idealistic in essence....but not always in application.

Today, less idealistic, as we are in a grippezeitgeist.  I like how flu is grippe.  It sums up the spirit of the illness.  Angstgeist!  The weltwirtschaftgeist is under siege.

I'm sure the above is all a bit slightly wrong.  But, invention is fun.  It all seems much more mundane in english - "mood/spirit of the world economy" seems downright dull in comparison to weltwirtschaftgeist.  Which, in character, seems to carry more of an inherent warning.

Achtung baby.

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