Monday, 6 April 2009

Journal of Slow Capitalism

Missmc has been laying low with illness and simultaneously hosting visitors this week.  But -

Let's leave that finite universe. Outside, there is a rising market, purportedly a classic bear trap, more anarchy in Strausberg, and a melted iceberg.  All conceptually related to capitalism if one wants to lean that way.  Human Behavior is the grand umbrella.  Things to look toward to guide our thoughts on these matters are so varied.  What choices we have to flesh out our perceptions of things  - television, news, magazines, blogs and  websites are the immediate wallpaper.  What a change that is for civilization.  

The church, the pamphleteers, the radio of old did not convey the same sensory bombardment as the immediacy of the now.  We are adapting and growing filters, both in our brains and with technologies to help us think about things.  One can gather from the rising popularity of slow this and slow that movements that there is a need for ponderous thoughts rather than the fast track digestion of things.  I agree.  A few ponderous moments for CEO's would work wonders. Rather than running from this report to that meeting and such, some ponderous slow moments to reflect and think as individuals rather than herd animals could work wonders.  And I do not mean golf.

Rather than cash performance bonuses, what about additional holiday time off for CEO's and higher management who contribute a thoughtful article to the yet-to-be-invented but much needed Journal of Slow Capitalism?

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