Tuesday, 14 April 2009

Magic, Fake or Mere Abstraction?

Magic, Fake or a mere abstraction?  With Goldman reporting luminous numbers and other banks soon to follow, the markets are split decision on how to cope with the Emperor's new clothes.  Here is a handy list of the most shorted stocks in March with average daily volume.  But what you really want is a CDS chart on the "banks".

A few people have pointed out that Goldman Sachs have just reported on a four month quarter, based on accounting rules changes as they are now classified as a bank.  But no, they have not.  December has just disappeared from reports.  But AIG payoffs and mark-to -whatever accounting has brought a bountiful supply of new numbers.  Expecting some cheerleading from de-TARPing intentions, Goldman is leading the way in attempts to raise more cash from private investors.  

What does this all mean for down the road, later on, the future?  It means there will have tobe  changes in the concept of time to cope with it all, lest the magic wear off.  Out with Newtonian time, in with Bergson and others...perhaps the Buddists come in handy at this juncture.  

Missmarketcrash has now run out of time to discuss time as the children are now doing something very very quiet which must be investigated...more to follow...apologies for the topic drop, but, I do promise more -- in good time.

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