Friday, 24 April 2009

The Offshore Garden

Missmarketcrash is so looking forward to getting lost amongst the follies at the upcoming Chelsea Flower Show.  Last year, a pleasurable amount of weeds were featured.  Missmarketcrash's own field of cornflowers and tortoise-food friendly weeds was delightfully on-trend, much to the consternation of her tidy neighbors.   

This year, economics will be featured to humourous effect.  Sarah Eberle will showcase three financially-themed gardens.  The funniest of all will be "The Offshore Garden".  According to the RHS press release it will be a "tax haven" surrounded by a water feature with three stepping stones.  The garden may be flooded to cover the stepping stones and prevent access. A remote controlled boat also features.

Clearly whoever steps into that boat is going to be taken for a ride by the media...politicians and high-profilers beware!

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