Thursday, 2 April 2009

G20 fashion

Missmarketcrash has been watching the G20 events through a feverish haze.  Blog is on the lightest side of light today as I am ill ill ill.  Yesterday brought a fashion show featuring Michelle Obama, and a bit of mayhem both festive and non by demonstrators.  But where was Carla?  I was disappointed she was not in the let's-compare-outfits photo events.  The G20 leaders mostly sported dark suits, white shirts and stripy ties.  The Queen was in a lovely shade of pink.  Michelle Obama had numerous costume changes and they all looked reasonably good. Angela Merkel wore a white suit that defined "sensible".  Gordon Brown looked as if he had had a facial and the usual dark circles under his eyes were missing.

The Climate Camp people were festive and brightly colored, some with flowers.  The anarchists were in standard black with headgear.  There were people dressed as zombie bankers, straight out of a Tim  Burton film.  Makeup trend-followers - take note.

All in all, it was a sea of fashion diversity.  My vote for best outfit would probably have gone to Carla, but, as she was missing, I would have to say the Queen wins.  That just-perfect-pink created a fuzz of lovelyness that extended far beyond the suit.  A hazy pink cloud of comfort.  And that sure felt good in these troubled times.

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