Monday, 19 October 2009

Carl Icahn, CIT and Goldman Sachs

Sooo. We have Carl Icahn offering to bail out CIT. We have Goldman Sachs suing Carl Icahn over a an entirely different matter. We have Goldman looking to profit from a CIT collapse. We have Mr. Icahn in a similar position, but in a more stealth kind of way.

Here is an exclusive interview on The Street with Mr. Icahn regarding the CIT loan.

Here are two articles. The first from is from Forbes discussing Goldman Sachs v. Carl Icahn. The second elaborating on the naked shorting of Delphi is here on Bloomberg.

Gosh. It is time time time for CIT, The Movie. We've got villains, fist shakers, and ordinary Donut Vendors. It is a horrid circling vulture scenario.

Maybe an online kind of Cluedo Game could make it all a bit more fun. Is it Professor Plum selling CDS in the Billiard Room or is it Reverend Green cooking up something nasty in the kitchen? Or, are there two villains battling to be the best murderer? If I just had a bit more time this morning I'd set that up...

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