Wednesday, 21 October 2009


Well. Missmc is not thinking of the usual topics today. She is thinking of her son. Who is on the very sensitive side. Last evening, Missmc took a bunch of boys to the halloween school disco. What is an eight or nine year old boy to do at a disco? Two of the boys who came along immediately started running about and intimidating the younger boys. It was like watching a pack of dogs decide whether to play or bite. And bite they did, breaking a boy's costume and reducing a few to tears. I passed one of the rabid boys back to his father. I had the other apologize. My sensitive son opted out of the mean games, and, asked to go home.

I am still horrified, and, filled with more than a bit of despair. Hence the digression from the usual topics. Dear blog, are you there? I need a cup of tea.

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