Thursday, 1 October 2009

Put your helmet on.

Are we back where we were last autumn?  With a cliff-hanger of a bankruptcy looming for CIT today in the U.S., I know, you are sitting there, thinking, well...the markets are not going to have a flashback. They are experienced, and resilient.  Let's hope.  According to this article in the Independent, it would be the fifth largest bankruptcy in American history, should it happen.  It has been in the news on and off for a while, and, I have put up some insulation between the story and I.  A bit of a hole was punctured in this protective snug when the Independent mentioned that it would affect thousands of Duncan Donut franchise owners.  

Donuts?  They can go.  But it would clearly be disastrous across the board nonetheless.  Hence the insulation.  Put your helmet on.

To end on a better note, the metaphorical structure of the donut is worth a ponder.

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