Saturday, 10 October 2009


Have you ever? Missmc hosted a spontaneous dinner party for a few Irish boys last evening. I am completely and utterly surprised just how well I feel this morning. One was a Journalist, the other, a Wit. We were chatting away about the Irish economy. Suddenly, the Wit leapt up, his eyes gleaming. "You must have some Poitin!" he exclaimed. He ran out the door and appeared in a blink with a bottle of clear liquid. I brought out some antique crystal glasses to disguise our digressions. It was all very merry, to say the least. I was quite surprised when I woke this morning to find I could still see clearly.

The only side-effect from my evening is that I am incredibly certain I can understand this movie without subtitles. Here is an excerpt from Poitin, the movie.

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Anonymous said...

I hope you were drinking zatori poitín!