Tuesday, 13 October 2009

I'll talk to you later --

Missmc's escape-with-the-girls to S's farmhouse-in-Mallorca weekend has been cancelled. Alas. No matter, England needs us. The latest data on the UK inflation rate is grim. The BBC story features a fat woman in a purple shirt walking by a 98p shop. No No No.

Here in Leafy Dulwich, the girls have indeed been scrimping and saving. Charity" clothing swaps and fell-off-the-back-of-the truck handbag sales have spread a weedy rhizome over the area populated by Bankers' wives. But thrifty is and always has been a virtue here. The moth-eaten cashmere is the perfect foil of modesty as long as you keep up with the personal trainer sessions. Call it the high/low. It is a much harder look to pull off if you are actually a girl who works. The moths never get to the cashmere and there is no time for the gym.

Thankfully, I'm somewhere in between. And I'm off to my Pilates session. I'll talk to you later.

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