Tuesday, 27 October 2009


On the train back from Glasgow last night we fell into the future. Brown rough-cast houses sullied the landscape. So what if? What if they were all painted in magnetic paint in some kind of grid that allowed them to become giant pixelated video walls? Not in a glowing way, but, rather, more subtle, like the Kindle. What if one could google a new exterior picture -- a skin for the house anytime? In the winter, one could favor a picture in dark colours to absorb the sun's energy and warm up the house. In the summer, an image that was predominantly white would bounce the heat away. It would be both a plus and a minus to easily change the exterior of your house by digitally placing images on them. I am certain this would lead to many people opting out of wanting to live so close to their customized neighbors. Football fans just might make this one of the worst ideas that has ever passed through my brain.

But I do kind of love that we are far enough into the future that this is indeed possible.

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