Thursday, 21 May 2009

Blog Hungover

 I have nothing on offer in the brain this morning after quite a busy week so I will just give away a secret.

There is a really fantastic hang-out roof garden that opened a few weeks ago.

It is on the roof, above Sir Conran's latest restaurant venture "Boundary" in Shoreditch.  The staff will hand you a blanket or two to keep off the evening chill.  And serve you drinks.  And give you the idea they would do just about anything for you.  

I shall refrain from becoming a restaurant reviewer and just say that all three ventures in this building are well well worth a visit.  Unless you have to go see your child's school play early the next morning.  I'm not very good at the timing of things.

Finally -- a good reason for Twitter.  Check in on this twitter to see if the roof is open....

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