Wednesday, 13 May 2009

Yes they are Prada but they might hurt you.

Missmarketcrash has been roped into helping sign up presenters for The 2009 Charity Awards.  Personally, I'd love to stand up there myself, but, being anonymous, that just would not do.  I would have to appear with a paper bag over my head and pretend I was a person of great importance.  But that is what blogs are for.

Nonetheless, I've forwarded on a note and will forward another few until a person of public importance is roped in.  So, stand back -- the notes are flying.  

Charity.  Charity Awards.  It does sound like a minefield to honour the most benevolent causes.  This year, the Mid Argyll Pipe Band is a nominee.  I kind of love that.  

Speaking of charity, I've a bag of old shoes I must give a quick polish to that are going off to a sale to benefit Macmillian Cancer Support, another nominee for the 2009 awards.  It is truly hard to be Miss Make do and Mend with all these organizations clamoring for my cast-offs. Some of them would make fantastic pillows, others give me hope of looking like I did twenty years ago.  So, cash is much easier.  But, the shoes can go.  Though I am not quite sure if someone trying to walk in my shoes is a recommended thing.

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