Tuesday, 12 May 2009

Existential economics

A new genre of economics is blossoming.  Existential economics, or, EE as it is affectionately referred to by insiders is becoming so very popular it is about to extinguish itself.  Existentialists need to stand about, in the corner, observing everyone else's reality.  Alone.  So what happens when they are no longer loners?  A crowd of existentialists is a self-negating idea.

Bring on the Existential Economist.  Questioning expectations of the masses brings a certain kind of validity to being alienated.  To know is not enough.  Or, Non Satis Scire.  (Yes I went to that school with the long driveway).

So, let's go back to this glommed together group of EE's.  They are standing about, though they have blogs in their hands rather than cocktails.  Some of them are having a moral crisis about the disconnect between perception and reality.  Others are taking it in stride and sounding rather jolly.  There are still others on the dance floor.

And where am I?  Trying to grow another few heads so that I can be both.  With humanity, and, apart.  I'd like the third head to be the godlike one - up on an incredibly long neck with a really bulgy eyeball and some sort of device to muffle the laughter because the third one has a really jolly sense of humour.

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Diane said...

I too am an existential economist. Studying Economics Isa an undergrad and I finally googled EE and thank goodness there are people like me. I would love to hear more about your journey.