Sunday, 17 May 2009

A geep? A shoat? Oh dear.

A blustery ever changing weather day was spent at the Dulwich Park Festival.  This year's theme was "Animals".  Missmarketcrash loves a good sheep-herding show and was treated to something even better.  A Goose-herding event!  Tiny bridges, little swimming pools, gates and other props not unlike those found on miniature golf courses were placed just-so on the lawn.  Happy-go-lucky border collies herded the geese through the obstacle course under the direction of the lovely shepherdess.  And then, miniature six-week old geese appeared and the props were rearranged.  It brought me back to university days where I did a course on the genetics of dogs-who-are-good-at-sheep-herding and why why why.  But I'll spare you.

I also saw a goat-sheep.  A geep?  A shoat?  Oh dear.  Anyway, it was something that was an accident but was cute none-the-less.  

Ah.  Now you are wondering how my idyllic day ties in with the economic crisis.  Easy. I saw herd behavior, and, something rarer than a black swan in the same spot.

O - and to top it all off on the coincidence side of things, I saw Tamiflu Harry perform.  

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