Thursday, 14 May 2009

Bank of Heinz Baked Beans

Yesterday, BT was described as a hedge fund with a sideline in phones. There are many hybrid business models evolving as of late. Tesco is offering banking services. And yesterday's mail brought a flyer from HSBC - they are selling wine. If HSBC is pedaling wine, why not have Guinness offering some banking services? I am certain the Bank of Guinness would be a most popular option.

Hybrid banking models have been around. But a diversification into other product lines can cement an image more graciously than pretending to be a bank. Because banks are now perceived as evil.

Imagine the options. It's funnier if you imagine them rather than if I make a silly list here. But Bank of Heinz Baked Beans appears to me as something with tradition that would likely never fail.


babar ganesh said...

what do you get when you combine swine flu and investment banking?

Leigh Caldwell said...
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Leigh Caldwell said...

Nick Rowe suggested (almost) the same thing here: you can work out how to pay a positive interest rate I think you are onto something. Perhaps the coupon could be paid in pork sausages.