Monday, 11 May 2009

The Mallorcan Cockroach Killer

Mallorca.  Out there, amongst the fragrant orange blossoms and gin & tonic & another & another, the 2009 Scrabble tournament was held.  Sounds of bells from the valley of sheep lying in the distant south of poolside tinkled.  Rising early, I did try to write with a pen.  And I can say that I was utterly incapable of that.  Slow writing is not my thing.

This morning, back in sunny London I opened my suitcase to gaze at my trophies.  "World Scrabble Champion" and "Highest Scoring Word" were my winnings.  But something else was in my bag.  It scuttled across the floor.  After a few good screams, I crushed it to death with Jake Chapman's book.  Very appropriate.  Thank you Jake.  The Mallorcan cockroach should have stayed in the posh farmhouse.

Tennis, scrabble, and gin & tonic swilling are jolly good competitive sports.  As far as non-competitive, the blog is the thing.  While I was away, Leigh Caldwell was busily slogging on my site.  Humourously noted by Leigh, his name is "common" and mine is getting past its sell-by date.  A bloglift is in order.

So. Rebranding.  "The Outsider Economist", "Slow Economics" and "The Mallorcan Cockroach Killer" are all contenders.  In keeping with the viral tangent in the news of late, I think Leigh and I ought to rebrand with some hybrid names that reference each other.

Ponder that.  Whilst I go and see if I can get the blood off of Jake's book.

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