Monday, 4 May 2009

Mountain, mud, and man thing

Missmarketcrash had an odd dream last night where she was on top of a dirt/mud mountain and slowly making her way down.  Every step ran the risk of slipping and falling to the bottom.  Each step also kicked little mudballs down the hill, where they would lodge and fill up the bottom, making the hill shorter.  I went slowly and cautiously, kicking little mudballs to assist in leveling the terrain on the way down so that my journey would be shorter.  I then realized I was walking upside-down going up, not down.  And maybe the little mudballs would be counter-productive.

It is ok, it is going to be ok.  Newspapers and blogs alike have started to state that the big scary depression is not going to happen.  The "green shoots" phrase is being bandied about though it is most usually wrapped with a small warning.  This warning is conceptually related to food labels that effectively say "this product may contain nuts though it does not contain nuts".  In other words, use your own judgement as to whether you want to eat these green shoots.  If you do opt for a snack, you mustn't blame us if something bad happens.  

As Missmarketcrash's dreams tend toward a codification of her personal reality it is clear this morning that the dream has been caused by the consideration of various recent economic outlooks. I'd obviously been walking on a chart.  That was then flipped.  Walking upside-down in flat-land (if kicking) and an incline (without kicking) is where I was left.  The kicking part was a rolling ball of economic sentiment that I had a choice to engage with, or, not.

But why was I flipped?  Was my perception "wrong" to begin with, or "wrong" after being flipped?  Or is it not me at all?  Is it a metaphorical world sentiment mountain, mud and man thing?  I still don't know where I am if that is the case.

Best to get dressed and enter day 4 of the long holiday weekend.   A dream of friends and garden parties would be far more entertaining.  Champagne anyone?

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