Monday, 11 May 2009

Go stand in the corner Missmarketcrash

And I shall never be invited back.  To the most beautiful house in the world.  With the prettiest garden.  In the prettiest setting.  With the loveliest most perfect pal of a hostess. Because I called it a cockroach.  Merde.  It was not not not.  It was a warrior beetle.  Of the rarest kind.  Only found in the poshest of posh places.  Because it takes a certain kind of relaxing ambience to guarantee their good health.  People in some places consider them an aphrodisiac and would pay very very high sums for such a creature.  Sometimes they are raised for battle.  The beetle who wins the battle will guarantee its owner eternal life, everlasting happiness and a plentiful lifetime supply of Gin & Tonics.

And now look what I've done.  I've squashed it dead and sullied its good name.

Go stand in the corner Missmarketcrash.

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