Sunday, 23 August 2009

A Certain Death

The Durian fruit was the star attraction at today's party. I'm in Connecticut, a conservative kind of place that requires a bit of novelty for a proper fete. And novel in Connecticut is the Durian. It was supplied by the very-novel-in-this-part-of-Connecticut three gay men that bought my Mum and Dad's house after Dad died. Somehow, they have become an extended part of the family. My childhood home now features a fantastic cocktail lounge with different seating areas and a bar where the living room once was. We had a fishpond when I was young, but this has grown and now features hundreds of Koi and is surrounded by the most astonishing garden. Anyway, back to the fruit. As promised, it had a very distinct odour and tasted like a garlic infused mango. My thoughts wandered towards Durian cocktails and I pictured mixing it with a bit of dark rum, crushed ice, and fresh mint. It seemed the right thing to do. A quick google on Durian cocktails after the party revealed the troublesome information that mixing alcohol and this fruit would result in certain death. My interest was certainly piqued. But I am still here. I'm glad to have found the following article that lays rest to this myth. At least, that is, in relation to mice.


Leigh Caldwell said...

I'm sorry to inform you that your original research was correct. 100% of humans who consumed durian and alcohol either have, or will, die.

I actually thought your headline was about Teddy Kennedy (I didn't see it until this morning). I was in Washington when he collapsed at the inauguration lunch and we all thought the moment had come then. Fortunately that report was mistaken, but he obviously knew it was on its way.

I think you and I are a little too young to have experienced the full mystique of the Kennedys but enough still remains that this is a special and sad moment.

missmarketcrash said...

ha. you are a master of statistical presentation.