Friday, 7 August 2009

Racing time

Missmc donned a gigantic scottish stormcoat and some wellies and ventured out last evening.  This summer has been wet wet wet.  Torrential.  I can't wait to get on the airplane next week and flee.  There is no guarantee I will not be walking into the same weather.  I'm east-coast bound with jaunts to Connecticut, Rhode Island and New York.  Various correspondences with friends on the weather topic suggest I might be in for a bit of the same.  

Here is a bit of weather-marketing.  A German airline is offering a rebate for rainy days whilst on holiday.  It is far from guaranteed sunshine, but, a clever bit of PR.  Read more here on the BBC. 

Let's pray that I will be less ditsy and have my blogging head back on upon my return.  From the depths of the other side of my personality, the ditsy one, I only have my lovely manicure to show you.  More frivolity will be coming whilst I am on hol from my-new-fixed-netbook-in-service-because-it-had-a-hardware-fault.  It is coming back today.  And off we will go.  

Alas.  I've five more days before departure...Apologies in advance for the blog quality over the next week as I race time to finish up work things. 

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