Tuesday, 11 August 2009

The Pitfalls of Globalization...

live chat with dell below -

 11:53:06    Customer  Missmc 

Initial Question/Comment: battery not removable, sound not working, mousepad faulty, password missing, complete folly
 12:13:59    System  System 
You are now being connected to an agent. Thank you for using Dell Chat

 12:13:59    System  System 
Connected with Americas\sourav_choudhury
 12:14:19    Agent  Americas\sourav_choudhury 
Thank you for contacting Dell Hardware Chat support for the UK and Republic of Ireland. I am Sourav and I will be assisting you today, please give me a couple of minutes while I pull out your system records.
 12:14:43    Customer  Missmc 
hi - the system was freezing and i tried to remove battery as no other reset was working and the battery is stuck. this machine just came back from repair.
 12:15:31    Customer  Missmc 
also - i don't know the password to do system updates.
 12:15:40    Agent  Americas\sourav_choudhury 
Hello, Susan. How are you doing today?
 12:15:48    Customer  Missmc 
 12:16:48    Customer  Missmc 
is there any way to get you to take this computer back and send me a fresh one? i am leaving on hol thurs and bought it to do work with me and it seems to have a host of problems.
 12:17:32    Customer  Missmc 
are you there?
 12:17:44    Agent  Americas\sourav_choudhury 
Yes, I'm.
 12:18:42    Customer  Missmc 
so...what do you think?
 12:18:45    Agent  Americas\sourav_choudhury 
Susan, I see that, the system you're referring to has UBUNTU as the Operating System.
 12:18:52    Customer  Missmc 
that is correct
 12:19:47    Customer  Missmc 
besides the system freezes, it seems more to be a hardware issue with the battery stuck and bad mousepad...
 12:20:18    Agent  Americas\sourav_choudhury 
Susan, you'll need to contact our UBUNTU Support on 0844 338 1122.
 12:20:25    Customer  Missmc 
and sound issue...and everything issue. can we do an exchange and start fresh???
 12:20:44    Agent  Americas\sourav_choudhury 
They would certainly be able to assist you with your query today.
 12:21:10    Customer  Missmc 
that is crazy. i am not paying for phone support. i want this computer replaced. it has been a lemon since it landed.  It just came back after a week of service at Dell for software issues.
 12:22:44    Agent  Americas\sourav_choudhury 
Susan, I'm afraid, as the Operating System installed is UBUNTU, I'll not be able to assist you with your query today.
 12:22:45    Agent  Americas\sourav_choudhury 
Hence, you'll need to contact on the above mentioned phone number.
 12:22:46    Customer  Missmc 
are you there?
 12:23:12    Customer  Missmc 
this is a hardware issue, not an os problem.
 12:23:42    Customer  Missmc 
battery and keypad - can we start there? they are disfunctional.
 12:23:42    Agent  Americas\sourav_choudhury 
Please understand, as per process, you'll need to contact UBUNTU Support on 0844 338 1122.
 12:23:58    Agent  Americas\sourav_choudhury 
They are available from Mon - Fri, 8AM - 8PM GMT.
 12:24:11    Customer  Missmc 
i have paid for millions of h9ours getting the first problem sorted. i want someone to come take this computer back
 12:25:04    Agent  Americas\sourav_choudhury 
There is no chat support for the UBUNTU Dept. and you've reached the wrong dept.
 12:25:43    Customer  Missmc 
yes but can you give me the we-will-take-your-computer-back and give you a working one dept - something online so i don't have to queue and pay?
 12:26:38    Agent  Americas\sourav_choudhury 
Susan, if you contact the above mentioned phone number, the Technicians on the phone, will certainly be able to assist you address your queries for today.
 12:26:46    Customer  Missmc 
ultimately, this is a hardware issue.
 12:27:48    Customer  Missmc 
i do not have an ubuntu problem. i have a hardware problem.
 12:28:44    Customer  Missmc 
are you there?
 12:31:04    Agent  Americas\sourav_choudhury 
Susan, please understand, you'll need to contact Ubuntu Support, as I'm not authorised to assist you for this issue.
 12:31:29    Customer  Missmc 
is there a dept. that i can reach via online to get this computer exchanged?
 12:33:38    Customer  Missmc 
are you there?
 12:34:50    Agent  Americas\sourav_choudhury 
Susan, I'm afraid, there is no online support, for UBUNTU Dept. and you'll need to contact them on the above mentioned phone number.
 12:35:14    Agent  Americas\sourav_choudhury 
You can contact UBUNTU Support on 0844 338 1122.
 12:35:28    Customer  Missmc 
I am not asking for ubuntu dept. I am asking for customer service to exchange fault hardware. it is not the os that is the issue.
 12:37:55    Agent  Americas\sourav_choudhury 
I can provide you the contact no. of the Customer Care Dept. but they will not be able to assist you with this.
 12:38:31    Agent  Americas\sourav_choudhury 
You'll need to contact the UBUNTU Technical Support Dept. and they'll certainly assist you and if required will also provide you with a replacement system.
 12:40:04    Customer  Missmc 
a battery problem is not a software problem - why can't you assist? this has nothing to do with ubuntu
 12:41:56    Agent  Americas\sourav_choudhury 
Susan, please understand, an issue with a battery could sometimes be due to a BIOS issue. This has to be checked and resolved in the Operating System as well. Since we are not trained on UBUNTU I would not know which BIOS update to run or know where to look for an update. This is the reason there is a separate UBUNTU queue.
 12:42:24    Customer  Missmc 
no. that is not the case. the battery is literally stuck in the machine.
 12:45:01    Agent  Americas\sourav_choudhury 
I understand that however there are other issues with the system as well such as the sound issue. These need to be addressed in Ubuntu. In addition your request for a replacement machine can only be looked into by the Ubuntu department
 12:46:36    Customer  Missmc 
can i have the customer care number? i am really n9ot happy to keep spending money on service calls when this machine arrived with some issues, went back for service, and now is having more issues. it is costing too much to deal with a system that has not worked properly since arriving.
 12:47:16    Agent  Americas\sourav_choudhury 
 12:49:06    Agent  Americas\sourav_choudhury 
You can contact Customer Care Dept. on 0844 444 4712 / 0844 444 3792. They're available from 9AM - 6PM GMT, Monday to Friday.
 12:49:06    Agent  Americas\sourav_choudhury 
You can also email them.
 12:49:16    Agent  Americas\sourav_choudhury 
 12:50:31    Customer  Missmc 
thank you. this is really now a customer care issue I am sure you would agree.
 12:52:22    Agent  Americas\sourav_choudhury 
Susan, as you have technical issues with the system, Customer Care Dept. might recommend you to contact Ubuntu Technical Support Dept.
 12:52:44    Agent  Americas\sourav_choudhury 
But, you can still go ahead and discuss the matter with the Customer Care Dept.
 12:55:37    Customer  Missmc 
it is a pity that following a script on your end prevents you from assisting with this problem. thanks, susan

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