Wednesday, 5 August 2009

The Key to Success

Dear Alice,

I found another girl to marry. 

(imagine a drawing of a girl here - arrow pointing, name- Ella).

Love xxxx

I've promised the just-5 year-old we will put the letter in the mail this evening.  He labored over writing it as he is a just-five-year old.  It is his first piece of written text involving more than just writing his name. I feel we might need to write some comforting words to Alice before he pops it in the mail.  After all, Alice is really lovely, and, I think the words are less a rejection than a celebration.  Perhaps that he can live without Alice who had declared her love for someone else (a boy who could write handily and sent her a love letter) earlier in the summer.  My son moped for a month on that proclamation.  And then, with this competition at hand, was motivated to try writing himself.  But not before he had a reasoned argument.  After all, with the Ella thing, I do think he is trying to make her jealous.

But he is truly smitten.  My lovely son, who upon waking, sings her name e-l-l-a.  And continues to Ella ella ella until they see each other, which is most days.  And then speaks of her after she departs.  Ella is eight. She has agreed to marry my son. 

Where is the economics in all this?  Human passion can be the ignition for a drive to excellence.  In this case, my son has seen the art of writing as the key to his future success.  I agree. 

He really ought to be writing to Ella, not Alice.  But I think he is hedging.

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