Sunday, 2 August 2009


Ah.  I'll bet yesterday's post made your eyes flutter and close.  What you really want is a bit of light weekend reading.  And a report on how a nice girl like me found herself galavanting around the Bricklayers Tavern last evening.  No.  But it was a jolly evening.  Wish you were there.

Waking with a dry mouth, all I could see was this Turner painting in my mind.  Perhaps it was the water theme that lodged it in my brain.  I saw it at Tate Britain yesterday in the Turner/Rothko exhibition.  Whoever thought of that combination deserves a kiss.  It made more sense that one could ever imagine.

The children were bored bored bored with that exhibition.  What they liked better was Jake and Dinos Chapman's room full of faux primitive sculptures.  It was equal to the Turner in brain-lodging power, and, had the trademark Chapman twisted kind of humour.  It also had a bit of an economics theme enmeshed in it.  

I'm sure glad the Turner was what was lodged in my eye upon waking up -- a morning vision of any Chapman piece would have meant I most sincerely had drunk too much.  I do recall meeting Dinos one evening last year and drinking and drinking and drinking hall-of-fame style.  It was splendid.

Speaking of splendid and hangovers,  I must now go find a glass of water.

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