Tuesday, 4 August 2009

She would eat the devil for breakfast...

Missmarketcrash's old art dealer has shut shop.  She has left a roster of artists in the lurch, owing them lots and lots of money.  I have just learned she is hiding out in the Chateau Marmont in West Hollywood.

A few years ago, Missmc quit this illustrious gallery over financial issues.  I took a career-damaging stand and opted out.  Most of my pals stayed behind.  And were not paid.  For years. Money owed was distributed occasionally, but, never in its full amount.  Her reputation as a dealer grew and her artists had good success.  But the behind the scenes was a very different story.  I lost several large deals after my resignation.  My career suffered a loss bigger than my friend's financial loss after leaving as my reputation was slandered and important exhibitions and sales were cancelled. 

Blaming the credit crunch, this dealer has finally closed.  The credit crunch had very little to do with her situation - she was deeply indebted previous to the crisis.  She had a taste for fancy shoes and other frippery.  And now she is in the Chateau Marmont???

Whoa.  Let's hope she is not skinny-dipping there as I once foolishly did.  The morning-after revelation was that the security cameras are pretty obviously placed.

Until today, I've remained quiet and polite throughout the whole debacle, from start to finish.  I do have to admit I am still a bit frightened of her.  An old pal did warn me back in the early days that she would eat the devil for breakfast.  So I shall stop my story now.

The art world is the wild west of high finance.  There are no contracts, prices are secretive, and money moves faster than lightening around the world.  On the other hand, it is a beautiful part of our civilization.  My new dealer is less fast track, and more genteel.  The characters surrounding me are the stuff of good novels.  I do hope the good guy wins in the end.

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