Wednesday, 30 September 2009

And so, I wait...

Dizzy.  My once-clear head is oscillating between various understandings of the markets and the economy.  The truth of the matter is that we are in purgatory.  My understanding of this in-between-place is that it is only temporary.  The hardship of it is there is really no timescale given to the temporariness of the state.  And so, I wait.

This economic purgatory has little to do with the purification of souls.  Many would like that, but, it is not what will move things one way or another.  More to the point, economic and market data are various shades -- but most notably chameleon, as data twists and blends into whatever reality is called for.

Missmc is growing weary of doom and its opposite friend faith, tired tired tired.  Both have a point of view that obscures things.

And so, we are back to "And so, I wait".  It reminds me of Beckett, not necessarily Godot. "Existentialism for Control Freaks" would be the subtitle.  The best one can do when things are unclear is not to seek clarity, but, to keep the nose down, diverted and amused.  Otherwise, someone will spot you muttering down the street and then your life will be stuck because, well, you waited.

With that, I leave you this.  It has nothing to do with anything except that it is simply astonishing.  Thanks to lovely perfect-bodied L. for the link.

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