Saturday, 29 November 2008

Flippers or wings or something please...

Miss Marketcrash is confused.  Why is the market going up as we are going down?  Or is the big black cloud of news facts and figures only over the head of Miss Marketcrash?  Does anyone else read?  What are they reading?  Is Miss Marketcrash reading the wrong things???


I mean really.  Did everyone just decide bad news was good news?  Ok.  I must be mistaken. The market pulled itself together somewhat last week and sauntered along, humming a happy little song.  Birds twittered.  Markets all in all ended up even though they are down.  The Dow made its biggest 5 day percentage gain since 1932.  Oh dear.  1932.  

Miss Marketcrash thinks of it all as a big evolving system.  In the midst of a big species change. Miss Marketcrash clearly remembers falling asleep last night after the drinks party only to be interrupted by a loud thunderous voice reverberating around the inside of her head.  Darwin was booming  "Evolve yourself quickly, lest you get left in the dark gloamy swamp".  

Ah...yes...we clearly and most sincerely need...a new Special Edition Great Depression Version of the Sims right now.

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tim h said...

I thought roller coaster like ups and downs intensifying over time indicated the impending collapse of a system. Any system.