Thursday, 27 November 2008

Wake up to Opportunity

Missmarketcrash is honoring the Thanksgiving holiday here in London with some shopping suggestions.  I shall bring you to one of my favorite American shops - the  Did you know they are having a sale?  Up to 70% off on many items. Let's head straight to the sales.  How about:

One of my favorites - 
A glass mug engraved with the phrase "Wake up to Opportunity"...on sale for $3.99

or, the comical speedy robber - 
A Bank of America Mug on Wheels is discounted to $2.99

or, for the nostalgic and sentimental - 
A  Bank of America Charm Bracelet is discounted to 24.99

and last but not least, the useful self-explanatory -
100 U.S. Trust cocktail napkins for $5.25

All amazing gifts at very good prices.

Happy Thanksgiving, 


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