Friday, 14 November 2008

G-20 Faith

There seems to be much positive anticipation of the G-20 summit meeting today which really began yesterday with a dinner last night.  I want to know is what the menu was.  Something powerful and rich, with a little emerging nation flavor thrown in. But nothing Swiss as no one from Hong Kong, Singapore or Switzerland is in attendance. I'm off to a quiz night for charity this evening with the posh bunch so I'll ask for some imaginary menu ideas from the we-love-Delia set.

Back on the state school front, I'm now sure after thinking about the makeup of powerful world committees I've pinpointed what is missing from the state diversity. Those who can play violin at the age of two and do kumon maths every morning before school are simply not there. They are still at the posh school, miles ahead of the other children, approaching everything with disciplined diligence.  

No wonder the posh school is teaching everyone Mandarin.

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