Thursday, 13 November 2008

Under the Hedge....

George Soros said "we are in a deep recession and a depression could not be ruled out" this afternoon while I was cooking the-dinner-featuring-a-lot-of-potatoes.  The Swedish au pair, bless her, ate heartily and did not blink an eye at my frugal meal.  The markets also pretended all was well and AS WE SPEAK it is UP 400 points.  But there are 23 minutes left, and, anything could happen at this point.  Mr. Soros also threw in some nice commentary about hedge funds imploding - things we knew that have been mouldering quietly at the back of the fridge silently.  

I tend to like Mr. Soros, more than Mr. Buffett. But Mr. Buffett's reassuring comments a few weeks ago inspired the markets to dive about 10%.  And the bleak statements by Mr. Soros have made the markets surge.

I am certainly feeling rather stable in comparison.

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bob said...

As a kid I never knew why - back in the 70's- we would suddenly have potato pancakes for supper, three days in a row... all I knew was that I loved potato pancakes for supper.

Recently I noticed that Whole Foods sells them... and they ain't cheap. That is not right.