Friday, 31 July 2009

Animals are not allowed on the beach

The stock markets as of late have been on a high.  Volume is at an all time low and the summer lull is setting in as the tide beckons.  The high is generating a lot of interest for what is normally a fairly dull time of year.  Perhaps our handy electronic gadgets are partially to blame.  

I'd say...see you in September.  Shut off that gadget.  The world is not going to change much before that.  Or, sell out and jump back in sometime in October.  That way, you get a proper relaxing stretch to curl your toes into the warm sand.  I could be wrong so consult your own astrology charts.  

Speaking of charts, one of the best chart-sters out there is Doug Short.  Check his charts out here before you unplug for the summer.  If you are bearish, look at this one.  If you are more bullish, this is the one for you....

Now turn that thing off.

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