Monday, 20 July 2009

The Dulwich Swine

Child number two has flu-like symptoms.  So does Missmc.  We've been to all the local pharmacies and thermometers are sold out.  Ours broke over the weekend, but, a hand to the forehead and a bit of sweating tells all.  I've an amazing chesty cough, a good wheeze, a sore throat, a headache, and some sweats.  I am tired but not terribly exhausted and have experienced much much worse.  Child number two is not a good patient.  He is crying, mean and horrid.  And as he is five, he does not have an off button except the one that has him down on the floor flailing about something or other.  That is not his usual demeanor - he is a generally cheerful little soul.  

A call to the local doctor's office had me on hold for one-half hour.  I hung up, and, called NHS Direct.  NHS Direct said to hang up unless you are dreadfully ill.  So, I hung up.  We will remain uncounted and unseen unless things get worse.  And, I guess life will be a bit boring.  I think the tennis is cancelled and all other socials.  Bah.

I started last week with this and felt it was likely not the swine thing.  But, as it might be, we will be responsible citizens and lay low.  We have been exposed to three swine families in the past two weeks.  So, it seems very likely...

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