Tuesday, 14 July 2009


Where was I today?  Apologies.  Our house is falling to bits and the day was taken up with ridiculous sourcing of workmen.  After that I treated myself to a new mini-notebook.  And wondering about Ubuntu.  I went with the Ubuntu option.  Did you know Ubuntu is not just an operating system?  It is also a soft drink.  The company is owned by a mum I know.  That is a better topic today than the topic du jour - Goldman.

My other pal is chomping at the bit for me to discuss her voluntary paid leave from Accenture.  I will make her wait.  I started with Ubuntu and I shall end with Ubuntu.  There are plenty of economics tangents in both the concept of Ubuntu as a philosophy, as an operating system, and, as a soft drink.  The generosity of humankind can indeed be profitable.

Now can someone please tell workman number one who appeared at my door that his South London approach to quoting for a job was the furthest thing from Ubuntu in essence and he shall not be hired?

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