Friday, 24 July 2009

I'm a carnivore. Let's leave it at that.

Ah.  The week is drawing to a close.  Missmc has been enjoying some rather magnificent Italian food this week, courtesy of the au pair.  She is settling in and a very good addition to the house.  When she arrived with a gigantic block of parmesan we just knew it was a friends forever kind of thing.  

I am on shorter working days from 9-1 rather than the usual 9-245.  That last hour really does make a difference, so, I will have to send some blog apologies for the caliber of summer writing.  The idea of lunch has taken on a bigger role with the Italian in residence and the one-o'clock thing is really now 1230 as we need at least an hours lunch.  So much for lunch at the keyboard.  The food bill is going down rather than up as pasta has taken on a much bigger role in our diet since her arrival.  

I am trying to relax and enjoy the summer.  But my personality is far from a leisurely Italian so it does challenge me.  I do believe her way is the right way as far as I can see, so, I am trying to ease myself into a less high strung state.  If I keep eating pasta, my metabolism ought to slow down and perhaps my personality will find a similar adjustment.  But, in all honesty, I think I am a die-hard carnivore in every way.  

So.  How does diet influence personality?  There have been ten billion studies proving the benefits of a healthy diet.  An obvious thing.  Less obvious is the carnivore thing.  I seem to be pasta-resistant and crave a chunk of meat.  Is this cultural, genetic, or, some kind of nature/nurture intertwining?

The next ponder, on the economic front, is diet, personality, and work habits.  I think this topic is a snarl of things-that-cannot-be-proven and hovers close to eugenics.  So, I shall flee.  Heil.

I shall just embrace my inner carnivore without further thought and request vitello tonnato for lunch.

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