Monday, 27 July 2009

Link - Bank of China targets UK Borrowers

The English do like a bargain and summer reductions are on.  And the summer tourists are in town.  Putting the two together, it was as busy as Christmas in Selfridges on Saturday.  With the weather as dreadful as it is, that is no surprise.

Back at home, whilst cuddled up with my only-20%-off-and-why-is-that new bedspread, reading the FT, I came to the most unstylish conclusion that the FT is kind of the perfect complementary colour for it.  Don't read that sentence again.  Missmc is clearly dull dull dull.

More interesting to you perhaps than shades of beige-y pink and my less-than-dynamic Saturday evening is what was emblazoned across the front of the FT:

Well done China - I'm impressed.

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