Tuesday, 28 July 2009

Cynical Girl

A cynic?  Is Missmc a cynic?  Not in the ancient Greek sense.  I did try to shed all worldly possessions for a year, but, ended up slumming it in the Hempel for a stint.  The minimal decor wafted an air of posh loony bin, with clusters of out-of-bloom orchids sequestered in the back stairwells.  It was blank, tranquil and served a nifty asian breakfast.  But an utter failure as far as asceticisms go.

But a Cynic in the modern sense?  Is Missmc disillusioned?  Wry perhaps.  Skeptical.  Inquiring and critical.  Is that cynical?  Only to a cynic.  Loop de loop?

Being cynical is so, well, 80's.  Everyone was a cynic back then.  One had to be.  Light-hearted cynics appreciated the kitsch of Thatcher.  Heavy cynics approached the same Reagan/Thatcher icons with a darker kind of cynicism.  A type of cynicism that contributed to the distasteful feeling of the word as it carried a certain kind of hatred.  How to be optimistic and opposed?  Very tricky.  The music world tried various ways of filling the cynic space up.  I see another article on 80's cynicism in music evolving here.  I shall resist, and, leave you with this 80's classic...

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