Wednesday, 9 September 2009

Dull is the new black

Coming up on the one year anniversary of the Lehman debacle, the financial journalists have gone all New Years Eve-ish in writing.  The reflections on the past year are everywhere.  I expect a few top ten lists to be issued soon.  What is in and what is out.  

At the moment, "the new austerity" seems to be the trend in outlook.  The FT has a new blog entitled "Money Supply".  This article on the Bank of England furthers this outlook this from a forecasting perspective.  

I just went to buy a pair of shoes and the nice mid-high range has been removed from our local shop.  Instead, a cheap mass-manufactured Spanish range is in stock, with a private label insert with the shoe store name on it.  Private-labeling it is supposed to give it cachet, but, the trick does not work.  They are of dull design and the label does not make them any better.  

Where am I going with all this?  Get ready for the dulling down of things.  Dull is the new black.

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