Friday, 25 September 2009

Two stories about toast

I was walking with O. through a Design exhibition yesterday.  We were chatting away about the nature of invention when she stopped in her tracks and said "I invented the best thing in my dream last night but I can't remember what it was".  She said "it was something really simple and obvious".  We chattered on and wandered here and there.  Hours later, she remembered what it was.  She said excitedly, "Yes.  Now I remember.  I invented Beans on Toast".

After the laughter subsided, we took a detour into the student wing of the exhibition.  It was my turn for a toast moment.  I'd read something on the web a few months back about a man that decided to make his own toaster from scratch.  Yes.  Before my very eyes, was the Toasterman.  I was ever so slightly awestruck and blubbered "Are you the toasterman?" at him. He was.  Trumpets and exciting music.  The absurdity of his project coupled with the more serious theoretical side of it was a mix that leapt straight to the essence of all things Missmc loves.  Here is a link

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