Tuesday, 15 September 2009

The shops are full of dark things.

Economy?  Did someone say economy?  You want to hear about that?  It is everyone's guess what is happening these days.  Inflation in the U.K. has fallen a bit more than expected, according to the latest report.  From Missmc's girlie perspective, the large numbers of bargains that were available in the shops last month confirm that.  I was holding back, like everyone else, until I stumbled upon an amazing Armani skirt for 10% of the original price.  It was on it's 5th markdown, languishing in the dark shadows of the back of a really nice shop.  I went back today to pick up a pair of boots I had on order that I paid full price for.  

Am I the only person paying full price?  The shop was desolate.  Sales people were over eager, and, slightly off-putting.  The summer sales racks were still lurking in the corners.  The salesman commented with a wry arch of the eyebrow that the autumn things would be on sale before the summer sales disappeared.  

Forgive me for a shopping report - tis the season.  I can say, there will be an awful lot of people dressed in black and grey this year.  The shops are full of dark things.  And red.  Oh dear.

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